Monday, March 26, 2012

snack time

Every weekend I go grocery shopping, prepare a menu for the week and prepare my lunches for the week. I typically take enough food with me on Monday to last me the entire week. If I prepared my lunch every night or morning during the week I would be really tempted to just eat out everyday. So preparing it over the weekend and having enough for the whole week keeps me from spending extra by eating out.
Besides lunch food I have to take some snacks with me to get me through the day. I love snacking :) but who doesn't? I get bored of the same snacks so I have to get creative. This week, two of my snacks came from Pinterest and I've been loving both. Here's a list of some suggestions for snacks...
at least snacks that I like :)

You can click on the link above for a recipe...I just used my favorite vanilla yogurt and dipped my blueberries in it with a toothpick then froze them on wax paper. I used a nonfat yogurt which I think made them a little more icy when they froze rather than creamy. I quite enjoy them!

This is a healthier version of ranch dressing. You use cottage cheese instead of mayo, less milk and less ranch dressing mix. I like it a lot! You have to blend it really well so the texture is smooth. But I highly recommend this with some veggies.

Other favorite snacks:
apples with peanut butter
apples with yogurt
cucumbers with lite Italian dressing
homemade granola bars
yogurt with granola or kashi go lean crunch