Wednesday, September 14, 2011

refreshing lemon, cucumber, & mint beverage

This is my new favorite drink! I don't recommend drinking it with a meal so much but by itself it is an amazingly refreshing beverage. I highly recommend trying it. 

I read that it's supposed to help keep your belly flat (if you have a flat one, yeah right!!) and help control your weight. I don't know how true it is, I just know it's delicious and only has natural sugar. YUM!

2 quarts of water
1 lemon juiced
8-10 mint leaves
1 medium cucumber, sliced

Combine all ingredients in a pitcher with a lid. Allow it to steep all night. Stir each time before pouring a glass. 

This will quench your thirst, I promise. I think next time I'll add limes too. Mmmm...



This taste really good i a glass in the morning and one before bed i not so hungry during the day