Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Week of Meals

I'm close to a Trader Joe's now! I'm beyond excited. They have a great selection of growing herbs and I picked up this thyme a few months back. It's lemony goodness is the perfect accompaniment to chicken, shrimp or pasta. Can't get enough. They also have baby broccoli, frozen steel cut oats and tons of organic choices. I'm in love. Here's what I'm making this week.

Wednesday: pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw (minus the almonds + apples), green salad and iced herbal tea

Thursday: fusili with homemade pesto and roasted shrimp, bread + butter

Friday: teriyaki chicken kebabs + grilled veggies (probably zucchini + pineapple)

Saturday: seared pork tenderloin with apple butter sauce, roasted veggies

Sunday: BBQ chicken pizza and green salad

Ive been making super yummy smoothies for breakfast every morning- with variations of fresh fruits. Today was 4 strawberries, a peach, a banana, 2 cups of chard and spinach, simply orange juice, coconut milk, and lots of ice. I love it!

Also, I always hear people's frustrations about how hard it is to make dinner most nights of the week + how they struggle at the grocery store. I know I've said it before- but PLAN your menu! Do it Sunday night or Monday morning, write down all the ingredients you need along with the meals you're making on your list. You'll get home with more than cereal + milk and you'll be grateful you planned ahead!