Monday, July 25, 2011

Natalie's Menu for the Week

Last Friday we spent the day exploring LA and eating yummy food (and three desserts in one day). We checked out an indoor kind of market and the spices display was beautiful at this particular booth.

Sunday:  Rotisserie chickens, baked beans (my mom's recipe. SO good. I have to post it soon), grilled zucchini, artichokes, toasted sourdough bread.

Monday: Cilantro Lime Quesadillas using leftover chicken.

Tuesday: Taco salad (seasoned ground beef, chopped romaine, pinto + kidney beans, pico de gallo, tortilla chips and fresh made ranch dressing)

Wednesday: Crock pot chicken over rice. Roasted broccoli (perfected it last week).

Thursday: Hot dogs with homemade J-Dawg's sauce. Green salad + chips.

Friday: Green chicken enchiladas + green salad.