Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Menu for the week

Now that I have access to Food Network, I keep craving whatever I see the chefs making. Last week my mom had a bunch of leftover ground beef and for some reason all I could think of making was empanadas. David served his mission in Argentina and always raves about how delicious the empanadas were. He loved these! This is the recipe I used: How to make classic beef empanadas

The crust is definitely the best part. The cream cheese and butter makes it flaky and it melts in your mouth. I plan on using it for chicken pot pie crust soon!

As for my menu for the week, here it is!

Monday: I made bbq chicken salad last night. Here's what I put in it:
Chopped lettuce + spinach really small, top with black beans, fresh cut corn, tomatoes, avocado, bbq sauce drenched chicken (ours was leftover from a barbeque), ranch dressing and tortilla strips. YUM!

Tuesday: I'm making Ina's pasta bolognese. I'm using Orecchiete pasta, and making garlic bread and a salad.

Wednesday: Pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw and fruit on the side. (I'm going to cook the pork plain with salt + pepper and just top the sandwiches with bbq sauce so the pork is plain for tacos).

Thursday: Leftover pork turned into mexican tacos + avocado corn salad.

What are you making for dinner? Have you made Ina's bolognese, or any of her recipes that you loved?



Looks yummy! We tried a new lime chicken fajeta recipe yesterday and it turned out really good! Have u ever tried the un-cooked tortillas from Costco that u cook yourself? I swear they make anything taste delicious!