Monday, January 9, 2012

Natalie's Menu

We've set a New Years goal to only eat out once a week. That means even more meal planning! Yay!

 Monday: Albondigas soup, crusty bread + spinach salad
Tuesday: Chicken enchiladas, rice + raw veggies with ranch
Wednesday: Pulled pork with coleslaw on rolls + baked potatoes
Thursday: Pork tacos, guacamole and toppings + PW's ranch style beans
Friday OR Saturday: Trader Joe's pizza dough for homemade pizza + veggies with ranch!
Sunday: I'm going to attempt a Peruvian feast. There's a Pervuian place we LOVE and they make delicious cilantro-y soup and have this amazing spicy cilantro garlic sauce that is good on everything. Maybe a roasted chicken with the sauce like this? Or the amazing soup I love and try out this recipe? I'll have to decide before I finish my list! 

What are your food related 2012 goals? Mine is not only to eat at home more, but smaller portions and to include plenty of veggies and fruit in every meal!


Dan + Carlie:

Let me know how your Peruvian feast goes...that soup and sauce sound delicious! :)