Monday, August 8, 2011

Kristine's Menu

Hope you all had a good weekend! Here's my menu for the week.

Sunday: Nothing! We were at a friend's baby blessing, so no cooking!

Monday: BLT pizza - never got around to it last week, but I am CRAVING it today, plus I need something good to eat for the premiere Bachelor Pad :)

Tuesday: Mexican Baked Chicken. Mexican rice. Salad. Fruit.

Wednesday: Burritos w/ leftover meat from Tuesday.

Thursday: Breakfast egg sandwiches. Fruit.

Friday: Hamburgers {we didn't have these last week either. We love hamburgers, so making them at home keeps us from eating out all weekend}. Homemade friends {we obviously love these}. Salad.

Saturday: Giving myself one free day of either leftovers or out!